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Parenting Transracial/Interracial Adoptees Webinar & Parent Support Group Series

Parents who have adopted transracially or who are thinking about adopting transracially are invited to attend this webinar / support group combo!  Parenting Transracial/Interracial Adoptees will be held via Zoom on Wednesday (Jul. 27th, Aug. 3rd, Aug. 10th, Aug. 17th, Aug. 24th, Aug. 31st) from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EST . The series will lead off with a webinar and then subsequent parent support group meetings. This support group/webinar combo will provide a space where interracial adoptive parents can share their questions, experiences and concerns about parenting children who are of a different race from their own. In addition, in this group, parents will learn about best practices in interracial adoptive families related but not limited to: best practices in creating diverse environments, how parents can help their children in fostering healthy racial identity development, how to talk about race in interracial adoptive families, the importance of birth family connections, how to form and maintain secure attachments in interracial adoptive households, and the importance of promoting multicultural family identities interracial adoptive households. This event is free thanks to funding from the Jockey Being Family Foundation ! Co-presented by C.A.S.E. Training Specialists, Tony Hynes, MA and Mari Itzkowitz, LCSW .

July 27th 7:00-8:30 PM EST
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