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RISE is committed to helping post-Permanency families thrive in their communities.

If you’re a post-permanency family, you’ll be hearing from RISE staff periodically throughout the year. We’ll share the following:

  • Newsletters with various types of resources.
  • Training in topic areas of interest.
  • Annual letters regarding Subsidy Agreements so that you’re aware of what resources are available to you.

Outreach & Advocacy
  • No question is too small, so please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or are needing support.
  • Additionally, we’re here to help families advocate for their child. Staff are often called to support families as they work to collaborate and find solutions within a child’s academic life and within the juvenile justice system, if necessary. These are difficult conversations for families, and our staff are here to help families be aware of their resources and help to advocate for the support their child needs.

Assessment & Referral
  • Every family faces challenges, and for post-permanency families, RISE is committed to supporting you through the process. Whether you're seeking a referral for a resource in your community or interested in accessing more resources through your Subsidy Agreement, RISE trained staff will be there with you every step of the way.
  • We’ll begin this process with a quick assessment so we can make sure our staff understand your child and/or family needs clearly. After that, we’ll be in communication with you regularly as we help to provide you referrals for the specific services you're needing or renegotiate your subsidy agreement. We’ll continue to check in with you and your family so you don’t feel alone in this process.

Crisis Support
  • When a crisis happens, you need swift action. RISE staff are trained and available to assess a crisis and route you and your family to the appropriate level of support.
  • RISE staff will advocate for and with you and your family. We aim to promote your child’s voice and your voice as we navigate through the various systems impacting your child’s life. We will help to coordinate services and are committed to supporting you during and after a crisis subsides.

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