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Annual Subsidy Review & Renegotiation

On a yearly basis, a case manager will reach out to you in regards to your child’s subsidy. Whether your subsidy agreement is with the state of Idaho or any other state, the RISE post-permanency team will do its best to assist your family in connecting with that state’s subsidy office. Families are also able to submit a request for review and renegotiation of subsidy agreement due to eminent changes within a family’s situation. Examples of this include:

  • Child develops new behavioral issues as a result of trauma that child endured prior to adoption
  • New medical or mental health diagnoses
  • Continued issues or behaviors that have intensified since adoption
  • Continued impairments to child’s physical, emotional, or mental health
  • Change in family circumstances due to job loss or relocation to another state

What Happens During a Subsidy Renegotiation?

At the time of review, RISE staff will:

  • Complete an assessment of the child and family’s needs
  • Review and document discrepancies between the current needs and those initially listed in the subsidy application
  • Provide a recommendation to update the subsidy agreement
  • Forward necessary documentation to the Department’s permanency supervisor in the family’s home region for evaluation and review

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